Friday 18 December 2020

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden, James Biden, Former Top DOJ Leaders and a China Billionaire Held a Last Minute Meeting in 2017 with New York Governor Cuomo – Why was That?


Hunter and James Biden set up a last minute meeting with top former DOJ members, a Chinese billionaire and New York’s governor Cuomo in New York in 2017.  Why did they do this and what was discussed?

The Bidens continued to work on deals and relationships they had cultivated since VP Joe Biden’s time in office even after President Trump’s Inauguration in 2017.

On March 29, 2017 a strategic partnership was announced between CFCE (the Chinese Company) and a company by the name of Cowen Group.  China’s CFCE agreed to purchase 19.9% of Cowen Group and agreed to provide financing of $175 million.  Hunter Biden had a close relationship with CFCE.

At about the same time, James Biden forwarded a letter to Governor Cuomo in New York via his Director of Scheduling, Annabel Walsh.  The purpose of the memo was to set up a meeting in early April with Cuomo, a Chinese billionaire and therefore top China leader, former Deep State actors and the Bidens.

Included in the memo were the following:

James Biden – Former VP Joe Biden’s brother who sent the email
Governor Cuomo of New York – a close friend to the Bidens
Hunter Biden – son of VP Biden and known practicing drug addict
Ye Jianming – Chairman of CEFC
Zang Jianjun – Executive Director of the Board, CEFC
(t) member of the Royal Family of Luxembourg – not sure who this is
James Gilliar – Chairman, J2CR
Rob Walker – President , J2CR

CEFC was a large Chinese conglomerate as noted above in the strategic announcement.

According to its website, J2CR is:

a legal, strategic advisory, government affairs, and communications consulting firm focused on homeland security and transnational trade, offers high-level expertise in international business development, and government affairs strategies. J2cR, along with its partners, also provides clients with professional and hands-on public relations, lobbying, strategic consulting, crisis management, political intelligence and management and advocacy services. J2cR consists of top-level former U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice officials.

We don’t know all the members of J2CR but we know James Gilliar is :

A British-born 56-year-old [as of October 2020] businessman based in the Czech Republic. Set up jc2r, the company which is in the emails, in 2015. It is no longer active [in 2020]. Gilliar appears to breed race horses with his wife, Erika and appears to also be an adviser to a holding company run by the leader of Abu Dhabi’s son.

Rob Walker is a:

Bill Clinton administration official who is now co-founder of a technology-focused private equity firm, Pilot Growth. His wife Betsy Massey Walker was Jill Biden’s assistant when she was Second Lady.

Below is the memo requesting the meeting with Governor Cuomo:

We are not clear why J2CR was involved in this transaction, if not to give cover for the deal with CFCE and Cowen Group and guarantee approval of the agreement at the highest levels of government.  This would be needed since China was involved.

The announcement of the Cowen strategic partnership with CFCE was shared by James Gilliar, the President of J2CR, and Hunter Biden and his uncle Jim Biden and Tony Bobulinski who worked for the Biden’s at that time, in May 2017.

Later in July 2017, China’s Ye, the President of CFCE sent Hunter an email thanking Hunter for his work in Oman and Romania:

CEFC went bankrupt in March of 2020.  We now know CFCE used a complex web of affiliated companies to facilitate fake deals, inflate trade figures and obtain bank loans to fuel its aggressive expansion.  Recent reports show emails that tie Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and Joe Biden (the Big Guy) to payouts from CEFC before it went bankrupt.

CFCE Chairman Ye disappeared in 2018 and has not been seen since:

What was discussed in New York with these characters and Governor Cuomo?  Was Cuomo given a piece of the pie as well?  How many other events like this occurred in New York involving Cuomo?

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