Tuesday 26 January 2021

After Pledging to Reopen Schools, Joe Biden Endorses Chicago Teachers Union’s Illegal Strike (VIDEO)


Joe Biden just ticked off more of his voters.

After pledging to reopen schools, Joe Biden on Monday endorsed the Chicago Teacher Union’s illegal strike.

A few days ago Biden signed a flurry of executive orders aimed at ‘getting Covid under control’ and reopening schools.

Reopening schools was one of Biden’s priorities.

Maybe he forgot what he said a few days ago because he happily endorsed the Chicago Teachers Union’s strike.

The Chicago Teachers Union voted to refuse in-person work in defiance of CPS’s (Chicago Public Schools) reopening plan over ‘health and safety concerns.’

“We need new ventilation systems in the schools, we need testing for people coming in and out of the classes, we need testing for teachers as well as students,” said Biden when asked if he believes teachers who are on strike should return to school.

Notice how out-of-breath Biden is while he is just standing at the lectern and mumbling through his answers.


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