Tuesday 26 January 2021

BREAKING: Author of “Joe Biden Unauthorized” Says He’s Seen a 50% Decline in Joe Biden’s Mental Capacity


Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is no laughing matter.  An expert claims he is half way gone.

We saw earlier this year how Joe Biden had no idea what was going on.  He thought he heard birds or rain and asked the reporters at his campaign ‘rally’ to come in from the rain and they all looked at each other because they were indoors. You could see that they all were very uncomfortable but they said nothing because they would lose their jobs if they did.

We also reported on how an artificial intelligence psychiatric diagnostic filter confirmed old Joe had lost it.

Now today an expert on Biden claims his cognitive decline over the past decade is substantial.  He says Biden’s cognitive abilities have decreased 50%:

And the Democrats and Big Media, Big Tech and China all want us to believe Joe Biden won the election with 81 million votes.

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