Saturday 23 January 2021

Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Sits at 48% as He Enters Office — 9 Points Under Trump When He Entered Office, 3 Points Under Trump When He Left Office — But Joe TOTALLY Got 81 Million Votes!


Joe Biden opened his “presidency” with a 48% approval rating.

Joe has largely been out of the news for the past two months. He’s mumbled through a couple of speeches and shuffled off stage but that’s about it.

The media attention was 100% on smearing President Donald Trump, attacking his attorneys, and making damn sure NO ONE talks about the election anomalies and outright election fraud.

In his opening Rasmussen approval rating Joe Biden scored a lowly 48%.

That is unheard of!

** President Obama had a 67% approval rating on his first day in office.
** Presient Trump had a 56% approval rating on his first day in office and that was already after weeks of deep state attacks from the liberal media and US intelligence community.

President Trump’s final approval rating was 51% before the inauguration this week.

But Joe Biden TOTALLY got 81 million votes, right?
What a sick joke.

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