Monday 4 January 2021

TODAY’S DEMOCRAT PARTY: Liberal Hack Chuck Todd Calls GOP Sen. Johnson an “Arsonist” for Challenging Election Fraud

 Democrats shut down counting in six swing states on election night where President Trump was winning in a landslide.

They manufactured votes for only Joe Biden, pulled them from stashed suitcases or vans, blocked GOP observers in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania for hours if not days.

Democrat officials even threatened to jail President Trump if he sent in uncertified poll watchers into the Philly vote counting facility.

They were caught running Biden ballots through the machines three to five times.

Several Democrat state leaders “flagrantly violated” the election laws before the election to favor Joe Biden.

President Trump won more blacks, Hispanics, gays and immigrants but was curiously defeated?

Trump won all of the battleground races, every bellwether county but one and shattered the popular vote record.

Despite all of the election fraud reported in this year’s stolen election, leftist hack Chuck Todd attacked Senator Ron Johnson today calling him an “arsonist” for challenging the stolen election.

Democrats stole a landslide election using every tactic in the book against the most popular president in modern history.

And now they call you arsonists for challenging the fraud.
This is beyond outrageous!

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