Friday 26 February 2021

After Public Thrashing Trump-Hater Mitch McConnell Tells FOX News He Would Support President Trump if He is 2024 Nominee


Mitch McConnell has been fighting President Donald Trump since he entered office.

In January McConnell wrote an oped for the Wall Street Journal calling for criminal charges against President Trump.
McConnell is a terrible GOP leader and an enemy of the Trump base

But now after the blowback from his outrageous attacks on Trump, McConnell came out on Thursday and told FOX News that he would support President Trump if he is the 2024 Republican nominee.

Don’t believe it.
It is clear that Mitch McConnell cannot be trusted.

Reader Randy added this:

The Republican party, on the whole, has become watered down and weak over time because of the Paul Ryan-Mitt Romney-Lindsey Graham types. They are weak and afraid. When McConnell came out in total cowardice after the impeachment and ripped President Trump with a staged speech, he was not expecting return fire. Trump took out a cannon and blasted the hell out of McConnell and his crooked family. This totally took the gloves off. Now Mitch McConnell comes out and says he will totally support Trump if he were the nominee. First, it further demonstrates how week the deep state people are individually. It also demonstrates that toughness always wins. Trump beat him like a bad drum with no concern about any blowback. McConnell is actually afraid of Trump and this Trump toughness needs to seep into the DNA of all Republicans. I am in the working man class and people like me are itching to fight like hell for Trump and what he stands for!

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