Monday 15 February 2021

Democrat Senator Leahy Caught on Hot Mic Voicing What All Americans Are Thinking About Second Sham Impeachment Against President Trump


This is all f***ed up!

The US Constitution requires that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is to oversee impeachment hearings in the Senate.  Impeachments are to remove present lawmakers from office.  There must be a high crime and misdemeanor to impeach.

None of these items were present in Nancy Pelosi’s recent impeachment attempt to remove President Trump from office.  As all Americans know, President Trump is no longer in office and is hanging out in Florida.

There were no high crimes or misdemeanors, no real investigations, only accusations.  There was also no Chief Justice overseeing the event, even corrupt Roberts refused to sit in on this after choosing to defer or decline any actions related to the crime of the century – the theft of the US election from President Trump.

This thing was a mess from start to finish and the Democrats lost America for good on this.   The only way Democrats win again is if they cheat again in historical fashion.

This all came to a head today when the Democrat Senator filling in for Chief Roberts let the following slip out on a hot mic per Pro Trump News:

Nancy Pelosi’s latest slapdash impeachment was all f***ed up.  She is the first politician in history to oversee two failed political impeachments.  The politicians in DC are a disgrace.

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