Saturday 13 February 2021

“Does a Politician Raising Bail for Rioters Encourage More Rioting?” – GOP Senators Question Democrat Impeachment Leader Over Kamala Harris’s Rioters Bail Fund

 During the left wing riots of last spring and summer, Kamala Harris promoted a bail fund to get people who were arrested in the riots bailed out of jail.

Kamala Harris supported this.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund helped bail out several accused and convicted criminals — at least one with a markedly violent history and at least one pedophile
One of the criminals bailed out of jail thanks to Kamala Harris went on to rape an 8-year-old girl.

It’s one of those inconvenient stories that the liberal media loves to ignore.

On Friday during the sham impeachment trial Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Roger Marshall, and Kevin Cramer, sent this question to the desk about Kamala Harris’s previous actions: “Does a politician raising bail for rioters encourage more rioting?”

The double-standard presented by the left is truly disgusting.

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