Friday 12 February 2021

“Joe Biden Is Solely Responsible for Killing Those 60,000 and He’s only Been in Office for 3 Weeks” – Grant Stinchfield Quotes Gateway Pundit on Biden’s COVID Disaster


Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax discussed Biden’s insane policies related to the China coronavirus .  Joe Biden is accountable for 60,000 COVID deaths after only a few weeks in office.

Stinchfield shared:

If you are a liberal watching, I would like to remind you that under Biden’s watch 60,000 Americans have died of COVID.  So following liberal logic as the Gateway Pundit points out, Joe Biden is solely responsible for killing those 60,000 people and he’s only been in office three weeks.  See it doesn’t matter that the number of deaths is grossly overstated as only 6% of COVID deaths are actually attributed to COVID alone.  But if you are a liberal attacking a foe under that same devious reasoning Joe Biden here is a mass murderer.

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