Saturday 27 February 2021

Liberals and Never-Trumpers Team Up to Attack Rep. Paul Gosar for Powerful ‘America First’ Speech (VIDEO)


Liberal activists (masquerading as journalists) and Never-Trumpers are teaming up to go after Rep. Paul Gosar for giving a compelling ‘America First‘ themed speech during the second annual America First Political Action Conference on Friday evening.

Other speakers at the event included conservative icon Michelle Malkin, former representative Steve King, former Blaze reporter Jon Miller, Vincent James of Red Elephants and political commentator Nick Fuentes.

During Rep. Gosar’s persuasive speech he discussed his background and shared his pride in his state of Arizona, saying “I’m a dentist by trade, and a patriot at heart. Deep love of my country compels me to put the interests of my constituents, and American citizens, first.”

“President Trump signed seven of my bills into law, making me the most effective Republican in the Congress. Most importantly, all the efforts put my constituents first – Not another country, nor corporation,” Gosar continued. 

He noted that “Trump was the most conservative President in American history. Most importantly, he put our citizens first.”

“Despite all the attacks, and subversive officials, President Trump made America strong. I am a proud supporter of President Trump and continue to support his America First agenda,” the speech continued, with periodic loud rounds of applause. “To date, President Trump’s greatest offense to the ruling elite is his allegiance to hard-working men and women across America, as opposed to corporate or global interests.”

The congressman asserted that “American patriots now carry the torch of others, including our Founding Fathers, who sacrificed for the freedoms we continue to defend.”

“We all watched recently as Big Business, Big Tech, and The Swamp banded together in a technology coup to usurp the White House from President Trump – the peoples’ president. Shadowy elites and the Deep State continue to collude with Big Tech and Big Media to further disenfranchise President Trump and American patriots,” he said. “My mission is to defend and carry the platform. The Republican party can run, and win, on an America First agenda.”

Rep. Gosar also discussed immigration — and how representing a border state means that it is an issue that his constituents are very concerned with. He noted that “a county without a border is not a country. A nation without a people is not a nation.”

The outspoken representative explained that there is currently a 15% tax discount for companies that hire foreign workers. He asked the extremely valid question, “what kind of country would incentivize employment discrimination against their own citizens?”

On the topic of censorship, something which should concern everyone even remotely right-of-center, Rep. Gosar took aim at Section 230 and asserted that platforms should not be afforded immunity to remove competition and lawful political speech. “Instead, users should be empowered with editorial control.” He stated that we cannot allow the excuse of protecting people from objectionable material to allow for the censorship of lawful political speech. He discussed how his Section 230 reform proposal will empower users and limit Big Tech.

Rep. Gosar has co-sponsored three bipartisan reforms for Section 230, which were supported by Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

“We have a climate crisis. But its not about the moon and the oceans. We have a climate crisis of intolerance. A climate crisis of communists who suppress free speech. Suppress our votes. Suppress our citizens in favor of aliens, and undermine our Republic. That is the climate crisis. A climate of angry violent communists,” Rep. Gosar exclaimed before asking, “who will be censored next?”

Many other issues were also addressed during the speech, including election fraud, voter integrity, and defending American sovereignty.

Pointing his speech directly at Joe Biden, Gosar said, “‘America Last’ politicians like Joe Biden have outsourced our manufacturing for decades, offshoring jobs, deflating wages, and destroying communities while nation-building abroad.”

“America must remain a free and independent Republic, not a globalist watchdog,” Gosar said. “‘America Last’ politicians like Joe Biden have outsourced our manufacturing for decades, offshoring jobs, deflating wages, and destroying communities while nation-building abroad.”

In one of the most powerful lines of the night, Gosar said, “I will not be silent. The only thing worse than censorship is self-censorship.”

From the content of his speech, it is clear why Never Trumpers and liberals would be infuriated — but they would be hard pressed to argue with anything he said. Instead, it became a game of “guilt by association.”

Immediately, the anti-Trump media began declaring that the conference was “white nationalist,” instead of American populist, and attempted to pressure CPAC into cancelling his panel scheduled for Saturday morning.

If they succeed and get CPAC to cancel him, the media would get to claim two scalps — both Rep. Gosar and CPAC itself — which opted to go with “America Uncancelled” for this year’s branding. By violating their own slogan, they would make the conference look ridiculous, which is exactly what the activist journalists and neocons want.

Gosar’s speech begins just after the 2:30 mark:


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