Tuesday 16 February 2021

Violent Black Lives Matter ‘Protest’ in NYC Leaves Two Cops and a Journalist Injured


A violent Black Lives Matter “protest” in New York City left two police officers and a journalist injured on Friday evening.

Eleven militant leftists were arrested over the political violence that the media has largely ignored.

Approximately 100 people were involved.

Law Enforcement Today reports that “according to police, the protest was ‘peaceful at first.’ However, protesters began clashing with police at 6th Avenue and West 54th Street when police arrested one protester.”

Following the arrest, a militant leftist rushed police and prompted a “melee” that “resulted in several people in handcuffs.”

The far-left activists did not just target police, they also attacked New York Daily News photographer Sam Costanza after someone recognized him from a protest at a police station last year and believed that he was a police officer.

“In the mistaken belief that Costanza was a police officer, the protester pointed Constanza out to his violent counterparts, who jumped him,” Law Enforcement Today’s report continues. “Costanza believes he was attacked by 10-15 people, who assaulted him with fists and other weapons. He said he also believed those violent protesters broke his nose, but he declined medical attention at the scene.”

One of the militants, Angel Rivera, was arrested after assaulting two police officers. He kicked one in the foot and bit another on his leg.

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