Monday 22 March 2021

COMPLETE CHAOS Breaks OUT IN BRISTOL, UK: War Against The Police – Vehicles Torched, Station Ransacked, K9s Hit with Mortar


Complete chaos broke out in Bristol, UK due to a bill that would expand police powers and install harsher penalties on protestors.

K-9’s are being hit with mortars, and police vehicles are being set on fire.

Rioters celebrated as a police van was engulfed in flames.

Alon Aviram, C0-Founder of The Bristol Cable: News, Investigations & Events | The city’s media co-operative. has been providing live coverage on the unrest in Bristol tonight.

Officers and their K-9’s are hit with mortars.

Police and Rioters clash violently.

A large mortar explodes in the middle of the police line.


In a matter of 15 minutes, rioters breached the police station shattering multiple windows.
At least one police vehicle was destroyed.

Police deployed CS  gas in an attempt to slow rioters down.

Backup arrives after a police van is completely engulfed in flames.
Protestors are heard chanting “Kill the bill” in reference to a bill that would widely expand police powers in the UK.

Multiple police vehicles were completely destroyed in the rioting tonight.

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