Thursday 25 March 2021

How Is Papaya Good For Diabetics?

 Who hasn’t heard about the health benefits of papaya? But, do you know that papaya is a wonder fruit for diabetics.

My father has been a diabetic ever since I can remember. This is why my mother has been forever experimenting and rustling up diabetic friendly dishes. As kids, both my sister and I would cringe when dinner used to be served. The menu chiefly consisted of greens and oats. Over the years, we realized how important it is for my father to follow a diabetic friendly diet to ensure good health and overall well-being.

Long before when oats became popular in India over two decades ago, we were eating oats idlis and dosas and gulping down food made in olive oil with distaste. And we smile now at how oats and olive oil has become a common household buy. Papaya has been yet another integral part of my mom’s diet regimen for the family. We eat papaya in salads and as juice every single day. Is papaya good for diabetics?

If you or someone in your family is diabetic, it’s important that you pay attention to the diet. Following a reckless diet can be life threatening.

What Should Diabetics Eat?

Vegetables are a power house of nutrients and are recommended to just about anyone. Never will you hear a doctor or even a common man tell you not to eat vegetables. Diabetics benefit most from vegetables rich in fiber content. Most vegetables are naturally low in calories and enriched with fibers, so picking the right vegetable is never an ordeal. Load up your bowl with vegetables which means you will eat less carbohydrates and saturated fats. Remember to go easy on starchy vegetables like potatoes and peas.

Fruits – well, there is no man who can detest fruits. Packed with a zillion health benefits, fruits brim with nutrients that are much needed for normal body functioning. Fruits are low in calories when compared to just about any other food product. They are rich in anti-oxidants that not just help regulate blood sugar level but also protect your heart, nerves and eyes.

While most fruits make great meals for diabetics – it is papaya good for diabetic patients and it rules the roost. It is a low sugar alternative to several other food items which is also a rich source of antioxidants.

Papaya For Diabetes:

1. Easy To Procure:

Papayas are one of the few fruits that are available in surplus throughout the year. It can be easily bought from any vegetable or fruit vendor. You will be surprised to note that papaya is sold by many grocers too. And with good reason – this power packed fruit sells easy!

2. Cheap:

A kilogram of papaya can cost as less as 20 rupees in season. The centre of the fruit contains numerous small seeds that need to be discarded. The fruit pulp of a decently sized papaya can easily be eaten by 2-3 persons.

3. Rich In Nutrients:

The yellow color of the papaya by itself is indicative of its rich nutrient content. The fruit is a potent source of beta-carotene and is also packed with vitamin A, B and C.

4. Source Of Antioxidants:

As mentioned earlier, papaya is filled with anti-oxidants making it a great choice for diabetics. The antioxidants help in preventing the deterioration of the human body’s cell structures. Most diabetics are said to stand a higher risk of contracting heart ailments due to their irregular blood sugar levels. The anti-oxidants in papaya obstruct or prevent further cell damage thus keeping heart and nervous ailments at bay.

5. Impedes Progression To Type 1 Diabetes:

Diabetes is categorized as type 1 and 2, the former being a more severe condition that requires the patient to depend on insulin shots. It has been proved that regular consumption of a generous serving of papaya helps impede progression of Type 2 diabetes to Type 1.

6. Low Sugar Levels:

Unlike many fruits like mango that have high sugar amounts, papaya despite being sweet has lower sugar content. The glucose level in this fruit is relatively low, making it perfect for diabetics. Diabetics can eat as much as 3 large servings of papaya through the day which is also easy to digest by the body.

7. Filling:

The fruit is said to be rich in fibers. Eating papaya cuts down your craving to snack on junk in between the meals. A portion of papaya makes you feel fuller and satisfied until it is time for your next meal.

If you do not fancy the fruit, blend it and drink it as juice with your cereal each morning. To reap the maximum benefits of this fruit, steer clear from canned or bottled versions of the fruit. This fruit is not just cheap but also easily available. Hence, try and eat it in its raw form. Studies have established that the juice of this wonder fruit may have hidden sugars. These sugars help reduce the blood sugar level in a diabetic patient thus, control diabetes to a great extent.

I’m sure you would definitely try this magic fruit to control your diabetes. Please share your valuable feedback and experiences with us. We just love to hear from you regarding papaya for diabetes, how it helped you.

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