Wednesday 17 March 2021

Joe Biden Threatens America and Americans, Toe the Line or No 4th of July Celebration For You (Cartoon)

 During an interview this morning on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ Joe Biden basically threatened America and Americans with more covid restrictions, and no 4th of July celebrations, unless more people toe the line, and obey the dictates of him and his advisors, as Reuters reports:

“President Joe Biden warned that the United States may not meet his goal of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions by the summer’s Independence Day holiday if people do not continue to take precautions, noting vaccinations will still be underway.

“I won’t even be able to meet the July 4 deadline unless people listen, wear masks, wash their hands and social distance because not everyone by July 4 will have been vaccinated,” he told ABC News’ ‘Good Morning America’ program in an interview that aired on Wednesday.”

This is of course to be expected. The goalposts are constantly shifting and these petty tyrants have no intention of ever letting things go back to the pre-covid normal.

The only way we regain our freedoms is to start ignoring the ever shifting dictates of government and start living life again.

After all this is a free country, or at least it used to be.

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