Tuesday 16 March 2021

Psaki Confronted for Joe Biden Embarking on Ridiculous “Help is Here Tour” But Not Visiting Border to Address Migrant Crisis (VIDEO)


Joe Biden and his babysitter Kamala Harris will embark on a ridiculous “Help is Here” tour this week to tell the American people how wonderful the #1.9 trillion pork-filled Covid bill is for this country.

Joe Biden will travel to Delaware County, Pennsylvania on Tuesday as part of the “Help is Here” tour to “highlight how the American Rescue Plan helps Americans and their families.”

On Friday, Joe Biden on Kamala Harris will travel to Georgia to promote their Covid bill.

Joe Biden is staying on the East Coast all week as the migrant crisis spirals at the US-Mexico border.

The Biden administration is now holding over 4,200 kids in “jail-like” stations where they can only bathe once a week and are reportedly not allowed to call their parents.

Jen Psaki on Monday was confronted for Joe Biden taking political trips but not visiting the US-Mexico border.

Psaki spun like a top and said dementia Joe’s focus is on “developing solutions and pushing his team to develop solutions.”

Whatever that means.

When asked if Joe Biden will visit the border, Psaki said, “I don’t have anything to preview.”


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