Monday 29 March 2021

With Biden Pushing Gun Control – Will His Son Hunter Be Held Accountable for Breaking Current Gun Laws?


Biden wants to stop gun use but his own son won’t comply with gun laws.  Maybe Biden should focus on enforcing gun laws instead!

On Friday Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax reported on the Hunter Biden gun story.   In his reporting, Stinchfield noted that we were the first to report on Hunter’s criminal actions with a gun as shared by Hunter in text messages with a family friend.  Here is the text we first reported in late October shortly before the 2020 election.  Big Media wouldn’t cover this.  The gun story is embedded in this long crazy rant:

Also on Friday OANN reported on the incident of Hunter with a gun and obtained and shared the form Hunter filled out to obtain his gun:

Hunter didn’t note that he was an avid drug user nor did he note he was released from the military.  If true, these lies would be punishable to up to 10 years in prison.

OANN shared:

With Joe Biden pushing for more gun control, many are asking whether his own son is able to follow the laws currently in place.

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