Wednesday 19 May 2021

5 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea: From Burning Fat to Boosting Brain Function

 The novel COVID-19 has put the focus back on health and overall well-being with becoming the buzzword today. As we continue to face challenges imposed by the second wave of Coronavirus, focusing on health cannot be emphasized enough. It is vital to take of our health and make our immunity stronger. If you are looking for a healthier option to boost your overall health, then nothing can soothe your mind, body, and soul like a cup of green tea. Having a cup of green tea has great benefits.

According to various studies, green tea helps in cleansing, healing, and rejuvenating our bodies. Not just that green tea is rich in antioxidants, and this healthy beverage has many health benefits, which include stress-reducing, lowering cancer risk, disease management, and weight management.

Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves of camellia Sinensis. It contains polyphenols and more antioxidants as it is less processed. According to a study, green tea is beneficial in lowering the risk of Alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, and live disorders.

Here, we list 5 amazing health benefits of Green Tea that will make you have a cuppa right now:

  • Boosts Weight Loss: Green tea contains polyphenol, which helps in faster oxidation of fat and it intensifies the rate at which the food is turned into calories by our body. Studies show that green tea helps in burning fat, especially around your tummy. It increases your metabolic rate and thus helps you to decrease your weight.
  • May Fight Cancer: Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is caused by uncontrolled cell growth in the body. Damage caused by oxidation in the body contributes to cancer development. As green tea is packed with antioxidants it helps in lowering the risk of various types of cancers like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, and prostate cancer. Green tea should be consumed without milk as adding milk to it will lower the antioxidant value of the drink.
  • May Lower Risk of diabetes: Although studies have been inconsistent regarding the effect of green tea on diabetes, some have concluded that it reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apparently, green tea helps regulate the level of glucose in the body, decrease sugar levels in the blood, and increased insulin sensitivity. This can help you prevent high spikes of insulin.
  • Keeps cholesterol in check: According to a study, drinking 10 cups of green tea a day can decrease total cholesterol. Drinking green tea improves the ratio of good and bad cholesterol in the blood and decreases bad cholesterol. It can be consumed as a beverage or as a capsule.
  • Boosts brain function: Consuming green tea can improve brain activity as it contains the well-known stimulator, caffeine. Although the amount of caffeine is not as much as coffee, it is enough to stimulate your brain. Caffeine is not the only brain stimulator in green tea. It contains the amino acid L-theanine, which increases the activity of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety activity. L-theanine and caffeine work together to improve your brain function.

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