Tuesday 18 May 2021

Biden Pentagon’s “extremism” czar seeks to purge all MAGA personnel in bid to purge patriots from last viable American institution: The military

 Joe Biden’s handlers continue to demonstrate their anti-Americanism by the day, attacking the remaining vestiges of our founding institutions.

The military, especially, has come under assault by these Marxists because it really is the last bastion of pro-American patriotism.

Republicans are finally pulling their heads out of some dark, smelly places and getting wise to the game Biden’s left-wing handlers are playing. But it may be too late.

On Thursday, GOP senators grilled Biden’s pick for Army Secretary, Christine Wormuth, who promised them that she would provide Congress with information about alleged “extremism” within the ranks.

Mind you, until now, literally, there hasn’t been an “extremism problem” in the U.S. military. This is another of the Democrat left’s fake narratives that was born out of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, along with the lie that ‘right-wing supporters of President Donald Trump’ represent the gravest threat to U.S. national security. It’s a lie.

How do we know? Because with all of the leaking that occurred during Trump’s term, if there was a legitimate extremism problem in the military it would have been revealed — and then politicized and used to ‘demonstrate what a tyrant Nazi white supremacist’ Trump is.

The Washington Examiner noted:

Wormuth, a former Obama Pentagon undersecretary for policy, would be the first woman to serve in the role if confirmed. Senate Armed Services Committee members on both sides of the aisle praised her as “the right person” for the job, as put by Iowa Republican Joni Ernst. But Alaska Republican Dan Sullivan expressed frustration that Army soldiers were being targeted by the media as racists and extremists without proof, and he called on the nominee to commit to protecting soldiers.

“Extremism, racism, of course we don’t want that in the ranks at all, at all,” Sullivan told Wormuth before a lengthy description of the verbal attacks soldiers were facing.

Gee…another former Obama official. Imagine that, considering Obama was the most legitimately racist president since the early 1900s.

In any event, the GOP lawmaker is on target because Biden’s handlers have already ensured that the Pentagon will ‘find’ Trump-linked ‘extremism,’ as Revolver News reported.

“His name is Bishop Garrison, and he is the head of the Pentagon’s new ‘Countering Extremism’ initiative,” the outlet reported. “Granted incredible new powers to designate ordinary political opinions and personal beliefs a national security threat, Bishop Garrison has waltzed from seeming obscurity into one of the most powerful posts in Washington.”

Previously, Revolver News reported:

The CEWG’s first tasks will be: to change the Pentagon’s definition of “extremism”; to stop Pentagon personnel from being recruited by “extremist” groups; and to beef up personnel screening to better detect hidden “extremist beliefs.”

If you’re in the military, it appears that Bishop Garrison’s CEWG will scour your Internet history, making sure to target “gray areas, such as reading, following and liking extremist material and content in social media forums and platforms.” 

Revolver went on to highlight several examples of Bishop’s extremism, from tweets to other statements.

In January, for instance, he tweeted during the height of Trump’s second bogus impeachment trial that civility towards him and his supporters would lead to the collapse of our country.

In short, this man believes that there are not two sides to every issue and that there isn’t any room for nuance or compromise. Worse, he actually seems to believe that if his political opponents are allowed to exercise their rights under the Constitution to voice their own views and to disagree, they represent some sort of threat to the survival of the country.

Now — how hard is it going to be for him to find “extremists” — a.k.a. Trump-supporting “America First” types in the military?

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