Sunday 9 May 2021

‘Have You Lost Your Mind?’: Graham Blasts Corporations Folding To The Woke Movement

 Speaking on Fox News, South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham blasted corporations that are eschewing donating to the Republican party because they are intimidated by the woke politics of the Left which insist new elections laws in Georgia represent “Jim Crow 2.0.” Graham snapped, “Have you lost your mind? Don’t you realize that the only thing between you, and your companies, and your shareholders and the Democratic agenda of high taxes, incredible regulations, and unbelievable spending is the Republican Party?”

“They are trying to intimidate corporate America to abandon the Republican Party,” Graham told host Sean Hannity. “Here’s my message to corporate America, corporate Georgia: have you lost your mind? Don’t you realize that the only thing between you, and your companies, and your shareholders and the Democratic agenda of high taxes, incredible regulations, and unbelievable spending is the Republican Party? Don’t you realize that the two Democrats in Georgia in the United States Senate are fully on board for the most radical agenda in the history of the country when it comes to tax spending and regulation?”

“So they’re intimidated,” he said succinctly, then segued to a recent event where corporations capitulated to the leftist woke movement and refused to support the GOP:

Here’s what happened two days ago when I was in Georgia speaking to the annual Republican party fundraising dinner for the Republican Party of Georgia, 18 corporations who gave money last year, decided not to give a dime this year. Only one corporation in Georgia helped the Republican Party, Georgia Power. They lost $150,000 because corporations in Georgia have been intimidated by this idea of Jim Crow 2.0. So I’m going to give $75,000 from my campaign to the Georgia Republican Party who we’re going to need to take the Senate seat back in Georgia. 

Hannity mentioned that former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, a staunch supporter of former President Trump might challenge Democrat senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia, prompting Graham to respond if “you’re a CEO of a company who depends on free enterprise to make a living and you don’t see the benefit of a Republican in Georgia, you should be fired”:

Let me put it this way: when you look at Senator Warnock’s voting record, he’s down for the Green New Deal; he’s for court-packing; he’s down for eliminating the filibuster; he’s for the massive tax increase; he’s for $6 trillion more of spending; he’s for everything that AOC is for. So if you have a chance in Georgia to replace him with a Herschel Walker, and you’re a CEO of a company who depends on free enterprise to make a living and you don’t see the benefit of a Republican in Georgia, you should be fired. You’ve lost your mind. If you can’t understand the difference between where Herschel Walker would take corporate America and free enterprise versus Senator Warnock, you should lose your job. And shareholders should be all over these companies for abandoning the company who needs free enterprise less regulations, less taxes, to flourish.

“When we discuss woke capitalism or woke capital, what we mean is a top-down, anti-democratic movement on the part of some of the biggest and most important names in American business to change the way business functions, to change the definition of capitalism, and to change the very relationship between the citizen and the state permanently,” Stephen Soukup, the author of “The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business,” has stated.

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