Friday 28 May 2021

MUST SEE: Update on America’s Audit: Approaching 1 MILLION BALLOTS Counted and Inspected — Audit Director Says, “They’re Trying to Prevent Us from Doing the Audit”


On Thursday, Jordan Conradson sat down again with Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett and Randy Pullen for updates on the ongoing audit of the 2020 Maricopa County Election.

As the audit is finding serious irregularities and likely fraud they are facing constant obstruction attempts by the county, local Democrats, national Democrats, and the liberal media. 

Conradson: Do you guys have an update total for us?

Bennett: I think we’re at over 800,000 ballots counted and things are running very smoothly. We’ve had some of the highest number of counting tables since the audit began, yesterday afternoon, 33, and 37 new people are being trained today. Over 300 new workers and volunteers were trained last week. The pace is starting to ramp up but the speed is not our goal, accuracy is our number one goal.

 Conradson: So, what’s going on with these deleted databases? Are we ever going to find out who did it?

Bennett: Well we don’t know that it was inadvertent or intentional. We never tried to imply one or the other but the contractor that was looking at that data does have a confirmation that some directories were deleted on April 12th. And computers keep track of when you add things and when you delete things.  So that there’s a record of those being deleted but also happens in computers when you delete something it goes to a temporary file and they were able to recover it. If Maricopa County wants to see the data that proves that it was deleted, our contractor would be happy to share that.

Conradson: The fake news reported that you guys backtracked those claims of deleted databases. Is that true?

Bennett: No, when we made the statement that we discovered the directory of databases deleted, that was a true statement. A few days later when we had the hearing at the senate and the same contractor stated that he was able to have recovered it between those times, that was also a true statement. There’s no backtrack and any reference to him backtracking is false news. He emphaized that what happened happened.

Conradson: In a letter to Karen Fann, Allister Adel put the word “audit” in quotations every time she said the word audit. You guys said this is a real audit. How do you feel about that?

Bennett: Well, this is an audit. If you interestingly go to the Dominion website and look at their marketing materials for their democracy suite election management system, it has 4 components to the whole system and the 4th component is auditing the election. This IS an audit. The vendor that provided the equipment and the software to run the election for Maricopa County contemplates in their very marketing materials that the 4th of 4 steps in running an election is having an audit of the election so if the county attorneys office wants to put quotes around the word audit to make themselves feel better, then that’s up to them.

Pullen: Ken is correct. As a CPA and former partner with Deloitte, I did a lot of audits including forensic audits, and I’ve seen the procedures they’re following here, the process they’re going through and it would qualify as an audit.

Conradson: It really seems that Dominion was in complete and total control of our election, and complete and total control of the audits. Why is it that Maricopa County didn’t have 100% control?

Bennett: I think you would have to say that Maricopa County shared some of that control…

Conradson: But now where they don’t have the admin passwords, only Dominion has that access.

Bennett: That’s a good question that we’re still trying to get an answer from Maricopa County.

Pullen: There’s 385 tabulators and there’s a configuration and you have to have a password to get the configuration and only Dominion has that. We’ve asked for it and…

Bennett: Maybe they need to send somebody over from Maricopa and Dominion and sit down with our IT guys. Our IT folks have told us that all they need is about a minute or two on each machine once that password is entered to print out the configuration data that’s behind that password so if there’s nothing to hide, which there shouldn’t be anything to hide, then they should be able to give us access to that section of the computer.

Pullen: They’re trying to prevent us from doing the audit.

Bennett: As a business that has been audited and as an auditor, when somebody doesn’t want you to audit something, that’s probably the biggest sign that something needs to be audited. 

They have now counted over 800,000 ballots and are approaching the halfway mark of about 1 million. They seem to be on track to finish by the end of June.

Just two days ago, our most recent number was 660,000 ballots completed as of May 14th.  After just 3 days of counting after the break, that number has raised by over 140,000. At this rate, they should be finished in about 28 counting days which would be June 28th. 

However, as Bennett said the pace is starting to ramp up and they trained over 300 new workers and volunteers last week and 37 today. We could possibly see the results in just a few weeks.

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