Friday 21 May 2021

Players and Parents Complain About Detroit Mercy Girls BBall Coach – University Keeps Coach – All 14 Players Leave


Detroit Mercy woman’s basketball coach AnnMarie Gilbert stays, but the players must go.  All 14 players who complained about coach Gilbert will be leaving, but the University is keeping the coach.

The Detroit News is reporting:

Detroit Mercy women’s basketball coach AnnMarie Gilbert broke her silence Wednesday, four months after the team’s season was shut down amid players’ and parents’ allegations of emotional, mental and physical abuse.

Gilbert was retained as head coach after two investigations — one external, one internal — found almost all allegations “unsubstantiated,” according to athletic director Robert Vowels, who also spoke. None of the 14 players on last season’s roster will return for next season.

 “An entirely new team is the best course,” Vowels said…

Before the season was shut down after 14 games Detroit Mercy (1-13), was coming off two of its better-played games. Vowels said he met collectively and individually with players to hear their concerns.

The school then launched two investigations. One was related to the NCAA violation allegations, conducted by athletic department official Steve Corder and university counsel Carey DeWitt of Butzel Long. The second was related to non-NCAA violation allegations, conducted by Dewitt and Detroit Mercy HR’s Alana Dillard-Slaughter. Every player who agreed to an interview was interviewed, and every coach and staff member was interviewed, including men’s head basketball coach Mike Davis. Davis observed most of the women’s team’s practices this past season. Video of Davis’ practices, which usually included some video of the women’s practices, was reviewed by investigators.

Coach Gilbert:

  • Goes 1 and 13 before the players and their parents stand up,
  • All her players and at least one parent representing every player send a letter complaining about the coach,
  • Wears a ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt in public – to a game or practice – and allows the pic to be shared in the public (BLM is a far-left racist group accountable for billions in damages in 2020 alone and numerous murders)
  • Detroit Mercy is a Catholic University

So the University decides to keep the coach?  Things seem upside down here. 


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