Thursday 27 May 2021

Rioters Vow To Burn Police Building Down In Portland On George Floyd Death Anniversary


After a suspicious few weeks of dormancy, the rioting terrorists of Portland have struck back on the one year mark of George Floyd’s death. The antifa and BLM militants marched through the streets, throwing objects at police, lighting fires, smashing windows, and terrorizing the public. You know, the usual stuff in Portland.

They vowed the burn the police central precinct building to the ground:

Videos and pictures of the terrorists in action are few in this day and age, as most journalists and documentarians in Portland know how violent the mobs can get. And with the police often refusing to intervene, the mobs know they can beat and rob whomever they want during their rampages.

Fortunately, the peaceful democratic mobs of justice and equity are graciously allowing people to take pictures and videos of the aftermath. It appears as though @it_aint_pretty_ is one of the few Antifa Approved people allowed to take pictures and videos.

Cops were in retreat as the terrorists threw fireworks and other debris at them:

@NDpendentPDX was also allowed to take some videos:


One random driver’s front window was smashed and his tires were slashed, while Starbucks was targeted yet again, this time with one of the terrorists tossing a firework into the coffee shop after smashing out the windows:

You can hear the glass shattering in the background in these videos:

Pro-antifa “journalist” Alex Zielinski was on the scene:

She refuses to take pictures and videos her comrades committing the acts of terror:

Par for the course, the police are pretty much standing back while the rioters lay waste to the city:

It’s pretty hard to keep track of the carnage, as more and more videos and pictures of broken windows are posted:

Mayor Ted Wheeler gets a death threat while more terrorists destroy a bridal shop:

We could go on and on here, but there are only so many hours in a day. Stay tuned for the follow up story where DA Mike Schmidt drops charges on the few who end up getting arrested.

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