Saturday 5 June 2021

SHOCKING: Multiple New England States Have Outsourced the Programming of Voting Machines to One Company – LHS Associates


We’ve reported on LHS Associates due to their activities in New Hampshire.  Now we see that New Hampshire was not the outlier but rather the norm for New England states.

The President of LHS Associates was allowed to participate in the election audit in Windham, New Hampshire.

The President of LHS Associates is the son of the founder of the company, and together they have been involved in the elections in New England for decades.

More on LHS Associates in New England

LHS Associates of Salem, New Hampshire, sold services and programed the machines for elections in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and many jurisdictions in Maine.  The memory cards are programmed for the election by LHS Associates who delivers them to election officials to run the election.

What’s more, is that election officials have no way of verifying the programming.  The AccuVote Optical Scan machines are so old (think Commodore 64), they are not interactive and only have limited user functions.  The programming is stored on a memory card that requires a special machine to program and access. None of these states or jurisdictions own such a machine, therefore all are completely dependent upon LHS Associates for their programming and faith that it is what it’s supposed to be.  Officials are rendered blind to the potential existence of any coding that could alter election results.

The AccuVote Optical Scan machine is the same one featured in the movie “Kill Chain” that was hacked by Harri Hursti and is demonstrated in this video:

As explained in the video, any nefarious programming would not be detected by pre-election accuracy tests. It may also be programmed to delete itself after altering the count on election night making it nearly impossible to know the results were tampered with absent hand recounts.

As readers of TGP know, Harri Hursti is on the team performing the Windham “audit” that has been plagued with problems from the start.  One of those problems is the constant presence of Jeff Silvestro of LHS Associates, supposedly at the request of Harri Hursti.  Because he is the provider, servicer, and programmer of the machines, many view Silvestro’s presence as a conflict of interest.

The significant threat posed by third-party access to the memory cards, not to mention sole access, is shown in a 2006 study commissioned by the state of California which concluded:

Memory card attacks are a real threat: We determined that anyone who has access to a memory card of the AV-OS, and can tamper it (i.e. modify its contents), and can have the modified cards used in a voting machine during election, can indeed modify the election results from that machine in a number of ways. The fact that the results are incorrect cannot be detected except by a recount of the original paper ballots.

While many jurisdictions and states have some type of post-election audit or test to spot-check for potential fraud (although arguably ineffective or easily circumvented), New Hampshire has absolutely none.  Mr. Sylvestro affirmed the same in a March 1, 2021, Windham Board of Selectmen meeting in which it was noted:

Mr. Sylvestro indicated that would be a question for the Secretary of State; adding there is a bill right now to evaluate some sort of post-election process, however, NH currently does not have one.”

In fact, the ONLY reason that officials discovered the irregularities in Windham was because one of the candidates who lost demanded a recount, which was done by hand.  The results revealed the machine count was off by approximately 6%, the largest in New Hampshire history.

While the cause of the disparities between the November 3rd machine results and those of the hand recount in Windham remains unknown, the process in search of the cause has revealed problems that are shockingly unacceptable.

States and jurisdictions allowing themselves to be at the mercy and will of one private entity who is solely responsible for their elections is a problem.  The same entity being practically immune from oversight, and even records requests is ludicrous.

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