Thursday 5 August 2021

Roger Stone EXCLUSIVE: The Freedom Crisis In Cuba and The Top 6 Leading Cuban-American Patriots to Watch


Guest post by Roger Stone

With the recent uprisings in Cuba, the American people have been reminded about the deadly costs of socialism and Marxists ideologies.

In today’s Democrat party, there has been an outbreak of anti-American ideals being pushed on the American people, but in many cases it falls on deaf ears among Cuban and Venezuelan Americans who have seen the ravages of Communism first hand. Too many Americans continue to have an idyllic notion of Cuba as a socialist utopia. The incredibly vicious brutality of the Cuban secret police and the crushing oppression of the Cuban people is rarely reported in the United States.

The Biden administered created a myth that the recent uprising by the Cuban people was caused by the people’s outrage over the island’s lack of COVID-19 vaccinations when in fact the uprising was caused by the dire conditions in Cuba where food, gasoline and medicine are both rare and rationed. The Cuban uprising was a demand for human rights and a better, freer quality of life and, in fact, had nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccination.

Sadly, many younger generation Cuban Americans born in the United States are too far removed from the horrors of the socialist or communist country their families once suffered under before taking the courageous step of fleeing to the United States of America to seek opportunity and freedom  Young people sporting  T-shirts with the imagery of Che Guevera thinking him to be a romantic revolutionary when in fact he was a murdering thug. These same millennials have no frame of reference for Castro’s Cuban dictatorship. The education of these young people- and indeed all of the  American people- as to what conditions are really like in Cuba is imperative.

Despite some Hispanic community leaders, politicians, and commentators having been corrupted by pervasive left-wing demagoguery, I thought It necessary to recognize six individuals who are fighting for truth.

These are not power rankings, just six wonderfully patriotic Hispanic Americans who are fighting to educate the American people about the evils of Socialism and Communism.

1). Robert Unanue: The CEO of the popular food company Goya foods came under fire last year for his strident support for President Donald J. Trump. Leftwing activists, Democrat elected officials, and the mainstream media demanded boycotts of his brand, a brand that was created by his immigrant ancestors nearly 90 years ago when they came from Spain. Even after manufactured backlash, Unanue continued to defend President Trump. He saw sales skyrocket, in particular after Dopey Bartender AOC melted down in a Twitter tirade. In the present, he continues to call out the media and Democrats on COVID-19. And yes, he rightfully believes that there was indisputable voter fraud during the 2020 elections. Goya Foods Board of Directors tried to oust him, but he remains the top dog and loyal Trump supporter to this day.

2). Rachel Campos Duffy: The wife of former Congressman Sean Duffy has certainly made a name for herself on Fox News. Despite Fox News being a shell of its former self, Campos Duffy, the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, hasn’t sold America out. She’s incredibly witty and entertaining on Outnumbered, but her pro-American activities are not limited to her role as a commentator. She also works as the national spokesman for the LIBRE Initiative, a non-profit that promotes the free market capitalism and a host of other pro-constitution stances.

3). Julio Gonzalez: As the CEO of the world’s largest tax and accounting specialty firm, Gonzalez has become a fixture on several up-and-coming new media platforms where he has consistently supported President Donald J. Trump and stood against the economic horrors of socialism. Gonzalez is a member of the Forbes Council and regularly hosts true America First candidates for political office at his West Palm Beach home, raising the big bucks needed to take back the House and retain control of the U.S. Senate. The son of first-generation Cuban immigrants, Gonzalez has taken the moment in the aftermath of recent protests for the freedom of the Cuban people by highlighting the cold hard truth about the failures of socialism when it comes to how it destroys the economies of once-prosperous nations.

4). Jose Oliva: the Former Speaker of the Florida House always stood strong for freedom and liberty in his capacity as an elected official. Oliva was during his time in office a staunch supporter of President Donald J. Trump and remains so as a private citizen and Founder of the Oliva Cigar Company (and their cigars are AMAZING). He is also known for his longtime advocacy for the freedom of the Cuban, mainly through his leadership of the Cuban Liberty Council.

5). Tito Ortiz: Mexican American Tito Ortiz is known to us all as a legendary world champion wrestler and MMA fighter. The UFC Hall of Famer has a decades-long career in the wrestling and competitive fighting arena. His rise to fame and fortune has inspired many Hispanic young people to take control of their future, guided by responsibility, self-reliance, and hard work, not government handouts or generational welfare. Ortiz was a Trump supporter from day one and has never stopped fighting for President Donald J. Trump. America would be better off with more athletes like Ortiz and fewer anti-American losers like Colin Kapernick and Lebron James.

6) Enrique Aledandro : The filmmaker and human rights activist was heavily involved in organizing the Miami-based protests against the Communist Party of Cuba, which he described to us as “barbaric” and “tyrannical. Just 24 years old ,Alejandro has just wrapped up shooting for his upcoming documentary production PAPA BEAR, based on the world-famous big cat sanctuary, Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Now Alejandro’s production company, returns him to the director’s chair for an epic motion picture that reveals the true shocking brutality of Castro’s regime and the plight of the Cuban people.

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