Monday 6 September 2021

Crowd Cheers as Trump Hero Steals the Show...Anti-Biden Trend Picks Up Steam [Video]

 There is a trend of pro-Trump and anti-Biden displays at college events that should give every Trump supporter hope for the younger generation. Last weekend, crowds at several football games chanted (see video below), “F*** Joe Biden!”

Even better, Silverton, Oregon, was the sight of a great moment when a Trump fan sprinted across the field in the middle of a high school game, waving a Trump flag.

Watch as the crowd begins to notice what’s happening and then begins to cheer:

The anti-Biden trend at college football games should have Biden supporters shaking in their boots. Biden leaned on the young college students for votes in the last election, but there are reports of buyer’s remorse after voting for Biden. Especially with the horrible Afghanistan withdrawal that killed so many young service members. This is not a president who protects his troops or Americans.

Several videos have emerged from social media that show students at football games chanting “F*** Joe Biden!”…

Virginia Tech:

In the clip below, Texas A & M football fans decided to show their support for anyone but Biden:


Even at concerts:

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