Thursday 9 September 2021

The wonderful world of mushrooms

 The wonderful world of mushrooms

Welcome to the unexplored world of mushrooms. These funky fungi contain incredible amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Not only this, but they can also be used to treat medical conditions.

Indeed, recent studies suggest that there is a lot more to mycelium and the mushroom species than previously thought. To get ahead of the game, check out this gallery on mushrooms that will improve your health.

Return to the scene

Mushrooms are a low-calorie food that are packed full of substances that help make you healthier. In the past, research on mushrooms was neglected because of many people's disapproval of "magic mushrooms." Now, science has returned to investigate the awesome power of mushrooms.

Lower blood pressure

Most mushrooms contain potassium. When you have salt, potassium is needed to soften the effect that sodium has on your blood. Consequently, mushrooms help to lower your blood pressure.


We all need fiber to make sure things are running smoothly downstairs. Mushrooms contain soluble and insoluble fiber, and so will help to keep your intestines working at 100%.

Vitamins and minerals

Alongside colorful fruits and vegetables, mushrooms also contain ample vitamins and minerals to help you keep healthy.

Weight loss

Having a healthy gut also means that you will feel fuller for longer. When trying to lose weight, this is really important. Also, mushrooms are high in nutrients, so you can eat less but still get more energy than you would from lots of other foods.\

Chaga mushroom

Chaga is kind of a non-mushroom because it grows on a birch tree, but the chemical properties are the same as those of mushrooms.

Chaga can be taken as a supplement or, conveniently, you can just chop it up and make a warming cup of tea from it.

Cordyceps mushroom

This peculiar-looking fungus is carnivorous: it eats live insects! But this is probably the reason it is so good for you.

Cordyceps are energy boosters and can also help to treat seasonal allergies and lung problems such as asthma.

It's quite hard to get your hands on, so the best way to feel the benefits of cordyceps is to buy the supplements. Asian suppliers are usually better quality than European or American ones.

Lion's mane mushroom

The scientific name of this fungus is Hericium erinaceus. It has a high concentration of beta-glucans, which are good for lowering cholesterol and improving the skin.

Throughout history, lion's mane has been catching people's eye because of its strange appearance. But more recently, it has become associated with a capacity to improve brain performance.

To take lion's mane the best way is in powder form because it can be mixed into whatever meal you are having. Experts say you should take 1/2 g per day over a long period of time.

Maitake mushroom

Maitake mushrooms are also known as "Hen of the Woods," perhaps for their color and featherlike appearance.

Maitakes boost the immune system and regulate blood pressure. They can be found in deciduous forests in North America and Japan.

To take maitake mushrooms you can get them dried and then crush them into a powder and add them to your food. Or, buy the ready-made capsules, but make sure they are high quality.

Oyster mushrooms

You may have seen these in the supermarket. Although they are known primarily for their taste, oyster mushrooms are also super healthy.

These oyster-shaped mushrooms are good sources of protein, low in calories, and contain dietary fiber. Most importantly, they have many beta-glucans, and therefore will help improve your cholesterol.

One of the main selling points of oyster mushrooms is that you do not need to take supplements to feel the benefits because they are delicious in meals. Try adding them in a stir fry, for instance.

Reishi mushrooms

These beautiful amber mushrooms were regarded as "the mushroom of immortality" by ancient Chinese royalty. 

The nickname is derived from its ability to boost the immune system, decrease fatigue, and aid sleep.

Reishi should be taken in powder or capsule form, but because it is so expensive many supplements do not actually contain pure reishi mushroom. Make sure you research the quality of your source before buying!

Shiitake mushrooms

Yum yum. Not only are these mushrooms delicious, but they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

Shiitakes contain proteins, vitamin B, and ingredients that are used in immunotherapy. It is an all-round healthy choice.

If you have a vegetarian in the family, these mushrooms come in handy. They have a meaty flavor that goes well in veggie burgers. You can take supplements, but why miss out on the chance of eating them?

Turkey tail mushroom

This mushroom has a variety of pretty colors on its surface. It is known for helping the immune system because it increases cytokine production.

They have some of the highest levels of beta-glucan in the mushroom family, and are used in certified medicines in Japan and China for treating cancer and lung disease.

To feel the benefits of the turkey tail mushroom, you can either buy pure supplements or buy a powder and consume up to two grams per day.

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