Saturday 24 December 2022

Adam Kinzinger: My Son “Will Be Proud to Have the Last Name” While Those Who Opposed Impeachment Will Have Kids “Ashamed of Them”


Castrated RINO Adam Kinzinger decided to throw one last tantrum on his way out the doors of Congress. Once again, he had members of his own party squarely in his sights.

Kinzinger, a man more whipped than the Gimp in Pulp Fiction, told NBC News Thursday that his son will be proud of him for opposing Trump.  The congressmen who defended Trump, however, will have kids that will disown them.

His statement:

“I have zero regrets. And I know my kid, I know this, he will be proud to have the last name. And a lot of my colleagues will have kids that’ll be ashamed of them.” 

His comments might ring familiar to Gateway Pundit readers. Back in July, the deranged Trump hater said the children of ordinary Trump supporters would be “ashamed of their parents.”  Now Kinzinger is smearing members of Congress with this same vile prediction.

Invoking children to justify political expediency is considered the lowest form of politics. Generally speaking, Democrats most often break this rule due to their disdain for heartland American politics and psychopathic desire for power at all costs.

Kinzinger, however, unofficially joined the radical left long ago. Not only did he serve on the January 6th committee and impeach Trump, but he almost completely rubberstamped Biden’s radical left policy agenda. Adopting their rhetorical tactics comes natural for him.

Kinzinger went on to tell NBC News that he and his fellow warmonger, Liz Cheney, are not heroes. They just look heroic compared to the “cowardice” ubiquitous within the GOP.

“It’s not that we’re courageous. We’re really not.  It’s that cowardice is everywhere,” said Kinzinger.

At least Kinzinger maintains some level of self-awareness. After all, he carried the radical left’s water even after they ended his career by eliminating his congressional district. Any normal human being with a minutia of courage would seek vengeance on his enemies for ruining him.

The whipped Never-Trumper also had this infamous meltdown back in July 2021 while speaking during a January 6th Select Committee hearing. Would his son be proud of this?

Tucker Carlson delivered the perfect farewell to Kinzinger’s sad congressional career earlier this month. No one deserved this more.

Just 10 more days remain until new Congressional members are sworn in. Thankfully, no one will see Kinzinger’s sorry face amongst those members.

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