Tuesday 6 December 2022

Democrat claims her child woke up with 'nightmares' over climate change — but no one is buying it

 Rep. Katherine Clark, the incoming House minority whip, claimed Sunday that her one of her children awakened from "nightmares" over climate change.

The shameless attempt at virtue-signaling was met swiftly with mockery.

What did Clark say?

The Connecticut Democrat was asked on NBC News' "Meet the Press" how a new generation of leadership will impact the House Democratic caucus.

In response, Clark claimed her children are hyper-aware of climate change and mass shooting attacks.

"Let me tell you what it means to me, coming in as a different generation. I remember my middle child waking up with nightmares over concern around climate change," she said.

"I've had my family at a movie theater, when the movie stopped, my children immediately felt, 'There must be a shooter in the theater with us,'" she claimed. "These are the type of experiences that we are going to bring, as we continue to push to meet this moment of challenge for the American people with progress."

What was the response?

Not only did people not believe Clark, but she was accused of emotional "child abuse" for seemingly having forced her political agenda onto her children.

  • "Are we actually supposed to believe that this happened?" Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) questioned.
  • "If this is true then its because someone is guilty of child abuse given life has never been better on planet earth. Tell your middle child we are in a climate optimum with 1/112th the amount of death per capita from climate as 1930. Thank God and fossil fuels," meteorologist Joe Bastardi responded.
  • "If that’s true you should be mightily ashamed. When I was growing up we were genuinely scared about a possible nuclear war with the Soviets. But that was a real possibility," conservative writer David Limbaugh responded.
  • "Either she made up the story or scared the hell out of him… psychological abuse?" another person responded.
  • "The only way this could happen to a child is if the parents made it so," one person said.
  • "Shame on her for feeding her child this hyped up crap," another person said.
  • "Lady that says far more about you as a parent than you even realize. YIKES," one person observed.

Clark became the second-highest ranking Democrat in the House last week after her colleagues elected her to be their party whip. She will assume her role when the 118th Congress begins next month.

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