Sunday 11 December 2022

Florida Teacher Fired For Interrupting Muslim Student Prayers in Her Office (VIDEO)


Broward County, Florida – A teacher was fired for interrupting Muslim students as they prayed in her office.

The incident happened on Wednesday at Franklin Academy, a public charter school.

In a video posted to social media, the teacher could be heard saying, “Hold on, this my office, and y’all doing this magic? I believe in Jesus so I’m interrupting the floor, excuse me.”


According to WPLG, the Florida chapter of terrorist-tied CAIR got involved and accused the teacher of bullying Muslims.

The unidentified teacher was fired from the charter school.

WPLG reported:

A Broward County teacher was fired after a video of her interrupting Muslim students while in prayer went viral.

The teacher, who has not yet been identified, worked at Franklin Academy, a charter school in Pembroke Pines.

The video starts with tranquil music and a couple of boys reciting an Islamic prayer in Arabic.

Shortly after, you can hear the teacher saying, “Hold on, this in my office and y’all doing this magic?”

A woman identified as another teacher barges in and starts blowing a whistle.

The teacher is then heard saying, “I believe in Jesus so I’m interrupting the floor.”

The same teacher appeared to step or kick the boys’ hands as she walked over their mats.

The video was posted on TikTok Wednesday and has already racked up over five million views.

Wilfredo Ruiz, of the Council on American and Islamic Relations, told Local 10 News’ Cody Weddle that the video is “repulsive” and that the teacher’s actions were a clear case of bullying.

“To see a teacher expressing so much hate and bullying students when teachers are supposed to be the ones that protect the students and protect their good doings, such as this one,” Ruiz said.

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