Friday 16 December 2022

Globalist Pope Francis: Cut Back on Christmas Spending, Send Your Savings to Ukraine


Christmas is the time of year where people generally share the holiday with those they love and with their community. Pope Francis, however, requested his audience adopt his globalist mindset at the Vatican Wednesday.

Pope Francis lamented the harrowing conditions facing the people of Ukraine during his weekly General Audience address and called on his attendees to spend less of their paychecks on Christmas gifts. Instead, he said more money should go to one of Earth’s most corrupt nations.

Here are excerpts of his address:

“There is so much suffering in Ukraine, so much, so much!”

“I would like to draw some attention to the coming Christmas, even the parties.  It’s nice to celebrate Christmas, to have parties, but let’s lower the level of Christmas spending a bit.”

“Let’s have a humbler Christmas, with more humble gifts.  We send what we save to the Ukrainian people, who are in need, who suffer so much.”

At no point in his speech did he explain how to ensure the money would actually reach the Ukrainian people. The answer is the money probably will not be due to the pervasive corruption across Ukraine.

Transparency International back in 2021 ranked Ukraine 122nd out of 180 countries in terms of corruption (the lower the ranking, the more corrupt). The only European country behind Ukraine was Russia.

The Gateway Pundit has uncovered examples of Ukrainian shadiness, including government officials lining their pockets with money intending to benefit the Ukrainian military and civilians.

The most notorious example of Ukrainian corruption involved FTX and cryptocurrency. Joe Hoft reported back in November potentially tens of billions of dollars intended for Ukraine actually were laundered back to Democrats using FTX cryptocurrency.

FTX, of course, was run by notorious Democrat criminal and huge Biden donor, Sam-Bankman Fried. FTX helped the Ukrainian government collect more than $60 million in crypto across the world.

The Biden Administration even admitted they could not account for $20 billion out of the more than $50 billion in military aid it has sent to Ukraine. Maybe he should talk to his 2nd biggest donor, Fried?

A CBS documentary released in August revealed only 30% of all weapons reached the battlefield going to places unknown. Unfortunately, this documentary is no longer available for viewing after the deep state had a word with CBS.

President Zelensky himself has serious ethics concerns. A report from German Newspaper Die Welt published excerpts from a biography on Zelensky detailing corruption on an industrial scale. These misdeeds relate to his offshore dealings as detailed in the Pandora Papers.

Christians across the world should celebrate Christmas as they see fit and ignore Francis’s pleas to pour more money down the Ukrainian sinkhole. A Christmas party will prove a more worthwhile investment.

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