Friday 30 December 2022

House Judiciary Republicans Expose Coordination Between White House And Media – “Shows How Scared You Are”


The Biden Administration is already playing games with requests from the new GOP-led House Judiciary Committee.

Lawyers for Joe Biden sent letters to GOP Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan telling them that they weren’t planning on responding to record requests that were made by them over the past few weeks.

Politico reported: 

The Biden White House launched its first major broadside in response to incoming House Republicans likely to spearhead aggressive oversight of the administration.

A top lawyer for the president pledged in letters to those members that the administration would operate in good faith with them. But he also said that oversight demands made by congressional Republicans during the last Congress would have to be started over.

In respective letters to Reps. James Comer (R-Ky) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), White House Special Counsel Richard Sauber said that the Biden administration had no immediate plans to respond to a slew of records requests that both men made the past several weeks. In those letters, obtained exclusively by POLITICO, Sauber described such requests as constitutionally illegitimate because both Jordan, who is expected to chair the House Judiciary Committee, and Comer, who is expected to head the Oversight Committee, made them before they had any authority to do so.

“Congress has not delegated such [oversight] authority to individual members of Congress who are not committee chairmen, and the House has not done so under its current Rules,” wrote Sauber, one of the White House’s top oversight lawyers.

The House Judiciary committee exposed the coordination between the White House and Politico.

Only after the story was published was the GOP asked for comment.

The Biden Administration must fear what is coming. 

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