Friday 23 December 2022

Maricopa County Attorney Goes on Bizarre Rant, Says to Thousands of Disenfranchised Voters from Election Day “You Reap What You Sow”


The rather unimpressive attorney for Maricopa County went on a wild rant in his closing remarks in the 2020 Election case with Kari Lake.

This was just bizarre.

Attorney Thomas Liddy gave the closing remarks for the county today after two days of evidence provided by Kari Lake’s team that showed that the 2022 Election in Maricopa County was as messed up as 2020 Presidential election there.

Liddy is the son of G. Gordon Liddy, one of the main characters in Watergate. 

Liddy’s remarks were something other than poetic. They made as much sense as their arguments against the evidence from Lake’s legal team that showed the election in Maricopa County never should have been certified with hundreds of thousands of ballots with no chain of custody records that appear to have been inserted into the election out of nowhere.

The county had no response as well to the apparent intentional muck up of the printers and paper that led to long lines, disenfranchised voters, and likely corruption with the ballot counting and results.

So when you do not have good excuses for the corruption in the county’s election on election day, you end up with Thomas Liddy saying the things that he said.

Liddy shared:

…Who goes out and tells their voters, don’t vote on day 1 of early voting, day 2, day 3, all the way up to day 26 of early voting.  They wait till the last second.  That’s political malpractice. 

You reap what you sow. 

Your honor the burden has not been met.  When people come into this courtroom without evidence there should be a day of reckoning.  This has been happening all over the country, your honor, and it’s got to stop.  And it’s got to stop right now…we got to get back to respecting elections because that’s all we have…

…There’s only one thing [one finger in the air] that makes us Americans, and that’s we believe in choosing our own elections, our own rulers, our own governors…

Watch this train wreck below.

If the system was working the people wouldn’t have felt the need to only vote on election day.  If the system was working the election process on election day would have worked without any issues, but it didn’t work, it was a trainwreck.

It’s political malpractice to put together processes and systems that work like Maricopa’s election process.

In America, we don’t have and don’t elect rulers.  We hold valid, honest, and well-functioning elections.  We don’t do what Maricopa is doing.

What a trainwreck. 

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