Wednesday 7 December 2022

Overbearing Protective Orders Placed on Paul Pelosi Trial. Why is This Being So Protected??

 Last October, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was allegedly attacked by an intruder at the Pelosi’s home in San Francisco sometime around 2 am.  The 82 year old millionaire reportedly suffered a severe brain injury from a full force blow from a hammer to the head that required immediate brain surgery. He was, however, able to give a statement during the ambulance ride to the hospital.

The alleged attacker, David DePape, was a seemingly unemployed drifter living in someone’s garage with a fascination for making hemp necklaces.  He had a strange about face from extreme progressive politics, according to his ex lover and mother to his child, Gypsy Taub, to an ultra right wing QAnon conspiracy theorist (insert any other “ultra-MAGA” trigger words.)

At least that is what is implied after two websites long-credited to DePape turned into “conspiracy theory” hotbeds on August 23rd and 24th, 2022 after years of inactivity.  That’s also, coincidentally, the day Paul Pelosi plead out on his DUI case involving two totaled cars, an injury, and a never disclosed witness, according to the New York Times.  According to Jesse Watters, the off-duty sheriff who initially arrived on scene checked if everyone was ok and then left them in the dark at 2 am in Napa Valley without waiting for authorities to arrive.  The Napa Valley DA put a gag order on that sheriff.

Law enforcement and the media alike would have the public believe that 42-year-old DePape was somehow able to bypass any and all security and make entry into the home of the 2nd in line to the Presidency at 2 am and take her husband hostage with little to no effort.

In fact, if DePape hadn’t stood there and watched Pelosi call the police, as the report would have us believe, DePape would have been there undetected and without any sense of urgency.  I guess the January 2021 severed “pigs head” left in the Pelosi’s driveway and the graffiti to their garage didn’t intimidate them enough to buy an alarm system, despite living in a multimillion dollar home with a net worth upwards of $200 million. 

As reported previously by The Gateway Pundit, the “Statements of Fact” between the local law enforcement and the FBI don’t match.  The FBI would have us believe that DePape was motivated by the Founding Fathers as they claim in their report.  The FBI also mentions a witness who laid out an interesting timeline regarding the loud sound, likely the breaking of the lament glass, and “a minute or two later” the sound of the sirens.

This entire event could be verified by releasing either the CCTV footage of the camera that would have been looking DePape right in the face as he was breaking the glass, or any of the other four cameras that should have caught him lurking around the residence.  Or perhaps the body cam footage from the two SFPD officers that responded.  Or the recorded confession by DePape.  It would be illuminating to know whether or not the Pelosis had an alarm system and why Capitol Police detail was not protecting the residence.

It is unlikely we’ll get those answers, especially now that protective orders are being placed on all of the evidence.  According to Julie Kelly of American Greatness:

Why is this case being so tightly protected?  NBC’s Miguel Almaguer was suspended after publishing a story about the encounter that alleged Paul Pelosi opened the door to police and then walked back to his alleged “attacker.” NBC quickly removed the story and then, a week later, Almaguer was suspended.  Since then, he’s been apparently touring Europe, posting pictures to social media in front of iconic European landmarks, according to FOX News.

This story needs more attention.  And a demand for answers that not only should be easy to give, but are required by open records laws.

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