Wednesday 28 December 2022

Taxpayers Will Be Required to Cover Push-Up Bras For Imprisoned Transgender Murderer Who Killed Parents and Family Dog


Taxpayers will now be on the hook for push-up bras and other transgender accessories for an imprisoned transgender murderer who killed his parents and the family dog.

Andrew Balcer, who also goes by Andrea, is now listed as “female” by the Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC).

On Halloween in 2016, Balcer stabbed his parents and dog to death — blaming his family’s lack of support for his struggle with gender identity for the slaughters.

Reduxx reports that “Balcer had woken his mother and told her that he was having trouble sleeping. Alice Balcer asked her son if he was having a rough night and embraced him and, while she was attempting to soothe him, he stabbed her in the back nine times, killing her.” 

“Balcer went on to murder his father, Antonio, and their pet chihuahua, Lily. The only member of the family Balcer spared was his older brother, whom he allowed to flee after telling him ‘it’s not your day,'” the report continued.

The then-teenager called police and reported what he had done.

“I snapped. I took my little Ka-Bar [military combat knife] there and I drove it straight into my mother’s back,” Balcer told police at the time. “My father came up because he heard her screams and I stabbed the fuck out of him. Oh, I killed the dog, too. It was barking.”

Balcer’s older brother requested the maximum penalty at the sentencing hearing.

“I still hear our dearest mother’s screams, every night as I fall asleep. Every morning as I awaken, they echo in my head. Her screams as she was stabbed by the son she doted on so much, the son she only wanted the world for, and would accept nothing less. I remember the foul things you accused her of, and the looks of horror upon the family’s faces as they heard about them. You are an inhuman creature and the fact that you continue to pretend otherwise sickens me.”

Balcer was sentenced to 40 years in prison and incarcerated at the Maine State Prison, a maximum security facility for men.

The 6’1 murderer was reportedly listed as “male” within the prison system as recently as September.

Reduxx reports that the cold-blooded killer “has been moved to the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) in Windham, a medium-to-minimum facility that houses both men and women. Most inmates at the facility have been sentenced to prison terms of 5 years or less.”

The report also pointed out that thanks to LD 1044, a bill sponsored by Democrat Rep. Charlotte Warren, Maine prisons are required to “respect and acknowledge an incarcerated person’s consistently held gender identity irrespective of anatomy or physique.” The law specifies that housing placements must align with an inmate’s stated gender identity unless doing so would present “significant management or security problems” or threaten the health and safety of the inmate.

Fox News reports, “in 2020, MDOC Commissioner Randell Liberty implemented a policy requiring state-run correctional facilities to provide clothing items that align with an inmate’s gender identity, including push-up bras and chest binders.”

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