Monday 26 December 2022

Texas City Reveals Unique Driving Safety Campaign: ‘I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus’

 A city in Texas has unveiled a series of Christmas themed messages this week to promote safe driving during the holiday season.

The messages, from the city of Austin, feature Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman meeting untimely ends due to texting and driving, or drinking and driving.

“I saw mommy killing Santa Claus. He disappeared under the truck last night. She didn’t see him cross the street, now his body’s a red streak. She was reading on her phone the latest Tweet,” read a tweet from Austin’s department of transportation. “Then I saw EMS putting Santa Claus underneath a sheet so snowy white. Oh, what a sad day it has been with distraction yet again and Mommy killing Santa Claus last night.”

“Drive safe for the holidays and put distractions away before you drive,” the message concluded. 

The tweet was a parody of the classic 1952 song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” which was written by Tommie Connor.

Apparently not all Austin residents were pleased with the messaging, as City Councilmember Mackenzie Kelly announced that she had reached out to city managers over the tweet. Kelly later told Fox News that Austin Transportation Department Director Richard Mendoza had apologized to the city over the messaging.

The city announced on Wednesday that the social media posts were intended to encourage safe driving and warn commuters about the dangers of distracted driving.

“We hope the social media posts encourage the community to make good choices on the road this holiday season by planning a safe ride home and avoiding distractions,” a city spokesman said. “In this series of posts, we are continuing to focus on the prime behaviors that cause severe crashes – speed, distraction, intoxication and failing to yield – and we hope the messaging will raise awareness in the community to travel safely this holiday season.”

The city had previously put out a series of messages about “Frothy the Snowman,” showing images of a cartoon snowman clasping a bottle of whiskey.

​​“Frothy the snowman was a jolly happy soul. He went out one night with all his bros, after a few drinks he went home. Frothy the snowman is a sad story, we say. He said ‘I’m fine to drive,’ as he left the dive and pulled onto the highway,” the Frothy messaging read.

“Frothy’s car swerved off the road and into a snow drift. It could have been avoided if he would just have called a Lyft. Frothy the snowman was dead as he could be and all his bros say they miss him at the happy hour at three,” the message concluded.

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