Monday 26 December 2022

TikTok Star Brandon Montrell Killed By Stray Bullet While Christmas Shopping With Grandmother in New Orleans


TikTok star Brandon “Boogie B” Montrell was the victim of violence in Blue New Orleans over the weekend.

While Christmas shopping with his grandmother on Friday, Montrell was shot and killed after being struck by a stray bullet.

His mother blasted leaders in the Democrat -run city where violence is rampant. 

The New York Post reports:

Montrell’s mother confirmed Saturday that the 43-year-old social media personality and comedian was the man killed while sitting in a car parked in the Rouses grocery store in the Warehouse District around 4:07 p.m. the afternoon before.

The devastated mom blasted crime in Louisiana’s most populated city — and the leaders who need to “do their jobs.”

“My son was not just the victim of a stray bullet,” Sherilyn Price said in a Saturday statement obtained by Fox 8.

“He’s the victim of decades of neglect that have left New Orleans’ youth with no hope for a future and with no real fear of consequences,” the devastated mom continued.

“It’s past time for leaders in our city and all over to do their jobs. It matters who the president is, who the governor is, and who the mayor is. Leaders create opportunities – including the opportunity to live in peace without fear of random violence.”

New Orleans Police Department has not officially released the victim’s identity but confirmed he was not the intended target.

The victim was a bystander caught in the crossfire, the department said.


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