Monday 9 January 2023

Brazil’s Communist President Lula Condemns Protesters Today as Stalinists… Then Quickly Corrects Himself, “No, Not Stalinists, Fascists!”


Jan 8 protest in Brasilia

Earlier today a massive crowd of thousands stormed the capital of Brasilia to protest the stolen presidential elections. The protesters stormed the National Congress.

Police were using tear gas – Gunfire was reported.

Brazil’s communist President Lula da Silva later condemned today’s protests.


Lula da Silva began his speech by denouncing the “fascists,” “vandals,” “nazis, Stalinists… No, not Stalinists, the fascists!”

He criticized the security shortcomings. And Lula promised everyone involved,will be tracked down and arrested.

And this communist is serious! This gives the regime everything it needs to go after opposing voices in Brazil.

Isn’t it amazing how much this is already shaping up to look like the protests on January 6th.

The protests even had infiltrators carrying bombs and destroying property. Just like the FedEpps (Ray Epps) here at home!

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