Wednesday 4 January 2023

BREAKING: Missouri Defies Democrat Politicians, Executes Evil Transgender Child Murderer



Here is the story from the Associated Press:

“A Missouri inmate was put to death Tuesday for a 2003 killing, becoming what is believed to be the first transgender woman executed in the U.S.

“Amber McLaughlin, 49, was convicted of stalking and killing a former girlfriend, then dumping the body near the Mississippi River in St. Louis. McLaughlin’s fate was sealed earlier Tuesday when Republican Gov. Mike Parson declined a clemency request.” 

“McLaughlin spoke quietly with a spiritual adviser at her side as the fatal dose of pentobarbital was injected. McLaughlin breathed heavily a couple of times, then shut her eyes. She was pronounced dead a few minutes later.”

“I am sorry for what I did,” McLaughlin said in a final, written, statement. “I am a loving and caring person.”

Radical left Democrat Cori Bush, who staunchly advocated for McLaughlin, whined on Twitter about the execution:

Here’s a reminder from Fairbanks what this monster did:

Scott McLaughlin, who began identifying as “Amber” while on death row, was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in 1992. He then went on to stalk and brutally rape and murder his ex-girlfriend Beverly Guenther, in 2003.

“According to court records, Guenther and McLaughlin met in 2002 and began living with each other shortly into the relationship. But the cohabitation was marred by break-ups that were often so serious that Guenther sometimes had to obtain restraining orders to keep McLaughlin away from her,” Reduxx reports. “In the spring of 2003, Guenther and McLaughlin formally ended their relationship, but McLaughlin continued to pursue the woman, exhibiting stalking behaviors by frequently visiting her place of work and calling her.”

The report continues, “on October 27, 2003, McLaughlin was arrested after burglarizing Guenther’s home. He told arresting officers he was trying to reclaim possessions he left behind at the home while living with Guenther, and was arraigned in November. Guenther had filed for a protective order just two days before McLaughlin murdered her.”

Less than one month later, on November 20, McLaughlin went to Guenther’s job and waited for her.

As she left work and made her way to her vehicle, Guenther ambushed her, forced her to the ground, and sexually assaulted her. He then stabbed her to death, shoved her body in his car, drove to a river, and left her in the underbrush.

The world is far better off without this demon. Thank you for standing firm, Governor Parson.

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