Wednesday 11 January 2023

Charges Dropped on Man Who Hurled Unopened Beer Cans at Republican Ted Cruz Hitting Him in the Neck and Chest


A grand jury has decided not to indict a Houston man for pelting Sen. Ted Cruz with beer cans during the Astros’ World Series parade late last year.

Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, 33, faced charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for hurling the projectiles but a grand jury dismissed the charges on Friday.

The dangerous assault was clearly more dangerous than the acts of hundreds of Trump supporters on January 6th who have had their lives torn apart by FBI, DOJ, and the US “justice” system.


Newsweek reported on the incident.

Cruz was taking part in a parade on Monday afternoon celebrating the Houston Astros, who recently defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to win the World Series. At 4:44 p.m. local time, the Houston Police Department reported that a 33-year-old man had been arrested for throwing a beer can at the Texas Senator while he was passing by in a military vehicle as part of the parade.

“The beer can struck the Senator in the chest/neck area,” a tweet from the department explained. “The Senator did not require medical attention. Nearby HPD officers arrested the male without further incident. He was taken to jail and faces assault charges.”

On Tuesday, Law & Crime reported the suspect to be Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, according to court documents and arrest records. KPRC News in Houston reported that the suspect was charged bond was set at $40,000. He is charged with aggravated assault, with court documents further indicating that the can he threw was unopened, thrown from a distance of about 15 feet, and is being considered a “deadly weapon.”

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