Thursday 19 January 2023

New York to Offer ‘Free’ Taxpayer Funded Abortion Pills at City-Run Clinics


Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced that the city will offer “free” taxpayer-funded abortion pills at four city-run clinics.

The announcement of free abortion pills was made on Tuesday as part of Adams’ “New York City Women’s Health Agenda.”

“For too long health and health care has been centered around men, but that changes today,” said Mayor Adams.

Adams continued, “we have been standing on the sidelines of women’s health for too long, and I have personally seen firsthand how the health system is letting our women down. It is long overdue that we break taboos and make New York City a model for the future of women’s health care. We are going to build a city that is here for all women and girls.” 

According to the announcement, “starting tomorrow, the Morrisania Sexual Health Clinic in the Bronx, DOHMH will begin to provide abortion pills to individuals. Several additional neighborhood DOHMH clinics in Crown Heights (Brooklyn), Central Harlem (Manhattan), and Jamaica (Queens) are scheduled to begin dispensing this medication by the end of the year. New York City Health + Hospitals’ (H+H) 11 public hospitals citywide already offer medication abortion.”

Liberal city leaders applauded the move.

“This week is a bitter anniversary as we mark what should have been 50 years of protection of reproductive rights through Roe v. Wade,” said DOHMH Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. “Rather than focus on what’s lost, we will put our energy toward making gains for women’s health and mobilizing every sector of our city to this cause. As a husband, father of a daughter, ally, and doctor, my hope is that our city will be a beacon for women’s health now and for generations to come. We don’t have another year to wait.”

Planned Parenthood also celebrated Adams’ announcement.

“A healthier New York City requires intentional investments in reducing health care disparities that systematically disadvantage Black, Latinx, and marginalized communities,” said Wendy Stark, president and CEO, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. “This includes ensuring equal access to sexual and reproductive health services and compassionate abortion care. Now more than ever, these services and programs are critical as we face mounting threats to our bodily autonomy and basic human rights. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York applauds the mayor and his team for centering this work and looks forward to continuing its longstanding partnership with the city.”

Adams, during his first year in office, also launched a “first-of-its-kind Abortion Access Hub” that confidentially refers callers from across the country to abortion care providers in New York City, as well as connections to additional financial support, transportation, and lodging.

All private insurance plans in New York are also now required to cover abortion if they offer maternity care coverage — without a copayment or a deductible.

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