Sunday 8 January 2023

Newly Discovered Emails in MO and LA Government Lawsuit Reveal Biden Regime Pressured Facebook to Censor Tucker Carlson and Targeting of Robert Kennedy, Jr.

 In May 2022, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and former Missouri Attorney General and current Senator Eric Schmitt filed a lawsuit alleging the President of the United States and other senior officials in the Biden Administration violated the First Amendment by directing social-media companies to censor viewpoints that conflict with the government’s messaging on Covid-19 and election integrity concerns relating to the 2020 general election.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft was later elevated to key plaintiff in this lawsuit in August 2022.

Dr. Tony Fauci, Nina Jankowicz, Vivek Murthy, and Karine Jean Pierre were served subpoenas along with several more Biden officials, the five social media giants as well as NIAID and the CDC in the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit alleging collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech in silencing conservative speech.

The subpoenas request all communications between government officials and bodies and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The Gateway Pundit had the honor and privilege to work with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office to offer extensive evidence of Big Tech’s large-scale censorship and coordination with the federal government.

On Friday, January 6, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry released communications between Joe Biden’s Director of Digital Strategy, Joe Flaherty, pressuring Facebook to censor Tucker Carlson of FOX News. 

first email

second email

Joe Flaherty demands to know what “reduction” of the information looks like on Facebook. The White House is very upset that the FOX News host is questioning the dangerous experimental vaccine.

Jeff Landry also released a Facebook document telling the White House on how to censor Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Fund.

Despite Eric Schmitt leaving for Washington DC, this important lawsuit is ongoing. 

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