Tuesday 31 January 2023

‘STOP ERASING WOMEN’: Cosmetics Brand Uses Bearded Man To Sell Lip Cream And Gets Slammed

 A cosmetics brand went woke with its latest ad featuring a bearded man wearing hot pink lip cream — and got slammed by followers for “erasing women” and more.

In a post on Sunday across its various social media accounts, the NYX Professional Makeup company drew criticism over an ad featuring makeup artist who goes by the name of itsmechrxs to advertise its Smooth Whip lip cream.

The company captioned its post on Instagram, “[itsmechrxs] making us whip out our Smooth Whip in Pom Pom REAL quick. #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup #crueltyfree.”

Reading through the comments on Facebook and Instagram, the majority of people who thought this was a step too far for the company.

“Stop erasing woman,” one person blasted. “Apparently you don’t need us as your customer base any longer. I’ll leave [your] product like you left me Tired of being marginalized!!!!!!”

“Not attractive at all,” another person shared. “Doesn’t make me want to run out and buy your products EVER.”

Another wrote, “… DOESNT matter what year it is dude. Men are men and women are women stop trying to erase us.”

“You need to wake up. Stand up for your right as a woman,” one person shared. “This is another example of men wanting to still be in control.”

“Won’t be buying this brand again,” one explained. While another added, “I’m so turned off by these ads with men wearing lipstick.”

“Not good for your company using a man what are you thinking boycotting,” another person wrote in the comments. While another explained “men should not wear makeup. This is gross.”

One person even had more of a suggestion rather than just criticism that clearly the company hadn’t thought about.

“I’m not so much disgusted but confused, why just put a picture with a man wearing lipstick and not a woman too?” the follower wrote. “How does this ad make me want to buy [your] product when I can’t relate to it … I get makeup is for everyone so why not?”

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