Monday 2 January 2023

“Their Ratings Will Continue to Sink” – President Trump Comments on CNN, MSNBC and Even FOX’s Terrible Ratings


The most recent results from cable news show that CNN and MSNBC are cratering and FOX isn’t too far behind.  

FOX News bragged about beating CNN and MSNBC in the latest war for cable TV viewers.

The second quarter of 2021 saw viewers ditch CNN and MSNBC in droves as experts wonder if the liberal networks can ever recover from a “serious credibility problem” they created by relying on former President Donald Trump for success while ignoring internal gaffes and scandals.

“CNN and MSNBC were one-trick ponies, and that trick was bashing Trump,” Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News. 

“Now that Trump no longer is president, they have tried to keep up the mania, but it’s hard. The audience has disappeared because it never was loyal to CNN and MSNBC hosts, it was loyal to Trump hatred,” Jacobson added. “It’s not hard to imagine executives at CNN and MSNBC saying nightly prayers that Trump runs for president in 2024.”

MSNBC averaged only 847,000 viewers during the second quarter and CNN settled for a dismal 654,000. By comparison, Fox News averaged 1.2 million during the same time period to finish No. 1 in all of basic cable. CNN failed to crack the one-million viewer threshold during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET, while MSNBC lost to CNN among the key demographic of adults age 25-54.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha thinks a significant credibility crisis at CNN and MSNBC is going to keep vanishing viewers.

Concha is right on this one.  Americans want the truth.

FOX comparing themselves to CNN and MSNBC is nothing to brag about.

CNN Welcomed back contributor Jeffrey Toobin in one of the most uncomfortable interviews on record after he was caught masturbating on a conference call.  FOX pointed this out.

CNN also shocked viewers when it welcomed back chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin after an embarrassing scandal of his own. Concha feels “trust will never be restored,” because “that would require these networks and the egos that occupy them to stop making themselves the story and report more than opine.”

Here’s Toobin’s interview after returning to CNN.

This was horrible but frankly, after the 2020 Election, the fact that FOX News refused to allow the subject of the many elements of the stolen election to be discussed has hurt FOX’s viewership.

Parading “Never Trumpers” on air on election night 2020 was also a slap in the face of many Americans who were looking for the truth that night and instead, they were forced to listen to Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace – two individuals who hated President Trump.

Many Americans have never gone back to FOX since that day.

President Trump pointed this all out in a Truth this evening:

Wow!!! So while Trump Hating CNN & MSNBC (MSDNC!) RATINGS are both at record lows, numbers that they have never seen before (“they’re toast”), Fox News Ratings are also way down because they never say “Trump” or TRUTH, never talk about the Rigged Presidential Election, and is a Fake Polling Network. Our giant MAGA base, much bigger than anyone knows, does not like watching Fox play their games. Their Ratings will continue to sink. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

More and more Americans are coming to the Internet to get their news.  They find and read sites that they can trust. 

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