Thursday 5 January 2023

TRAIN WRECK: Kamala Harris Swears In John Fetterman Who Has No Idea What He’s Doing (VIDEO)


Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman was sworn into the US Senate yesterday by Kamala Harris at the Capitol. It was another train wreck. 

Kamala Harris was on hand to swear in John Fetterman.  What more can be said about what is wrong with Washington DC than this spectacle?


Fetterman truly looked lost, most likely because he is.

Jesse Waters shared after the debate bewteen Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz what a train wreck it was.  Fetterman couldn’t communicate.  He was lost.  Fetterman was the worst candidate in US history.

Many of us believe that the only way that Fetterman was able to be sworn in yesterday was through massive fraud.  Watching Fetterman’s actions yesterday further confirms our belief.  Unfortunately, we’ll never know because the GOP doesn’t believe that Democrats’ steal elections.

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