Sunday 22 January 2023

Tucker On Why The Regime Is Promoting Marijuana But Hates Tobacco: “Nicotine Frees Your Mind” (VIDEO)


Why is the regime pushing weed?

Tucker Carlson has the answer.

During a segment on his show, Tucker Carlson says the regime pushes weed and goes after tobacco because THC makes you “makes you compliant & passive.”

He said that, unlike weed, nicotine “frees your mind.” 

He also added that the reason the government is going after tobacco has nothing to do with health concerns.

Tucker pointed out that during the pandemic the government shut down gyms, something that would help people fight against COVID.

Video (transcript below)

From the video above:

“Tucker Carlson: Turns out some people like menthol cigarettes. Not allowed. Oh menthol cigarettes. Well, some people like them. Particularly poor people, they like them. Don’t have a lot of pleasures menthol cigarettes are one of them. But they can’t have them anymore. They are being banned. Menthol cigarettes cause cancer, shut up. Well of course a lot of things cause cancer probably more than we know. Potentially cell phones cause cancer. Potentially diet soda causes cancer – they do in rats. They aren’t banned. How come? Because the people who make and use those products pay millions in campaign contributions to keep them legal. But nobody cares what menthol smokers think they are at the bottom of our caste system they are poor so no more pleasure for them. Menthol cigarettes are out, along with the many small businesses that sell them.

[plays video]

What’s so interesting is the lady you just saw who is clearly not from this country she doesn’t speak regular English, she is obviously an immigrant her first response is well buying the kind of cigarettes you like is a human right and she is absolutely right and she probably moved here for that reason. But boy do they hate Tobacco and it is not because it causes cancer. They don’t care about your health. They closed the gyms during COVID. Anyone who closed a gym during a pandemic who kills people who are fat clearly doesn’t care about your health at all. They hate nicotine. They love THC. They are promoting weed to your children but they are not letting you use tobacco or even non-tobacco nicotine delivery devices which don’t cause cancer. Why do they hate nicotine? Because nicotine frees your mind & THC makes you compliant & passive. That’s why. They hate it. It’s a real threat to them.

New legislation in New York would raise the cigar tax. How many people die from Cigars? It’s 75% now, in New York the tax on cigar would be 95%. Guess what the tax on weed is in New York, 13%. Ohh have some more weed. No more nicotine for you.”

Do you agree with Tucker?

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