Friday 17 February 2023

Biden Claims That Three Most Recent Downed Aerial Objects Not Linked To Chinese Spy Program

 President Joe Biden said Thursday that there is no evidence the three aerial objects downed in the last week were linked to communist China’s spy program.

Biden’s remarks came after the administration shot down three unidentified objects in the last week, including one over Lake Huron on Sunday, one over Canada on Saturday, and one over Alaska on Friday.

“We don’t yet know what these three objects were, but nothing right now suggests that they were related to China’s spy balloon program or that they surveillance vehicles from any other country,” Biden claimed during a White House press conference.

Biden claimed that the administration would develop “sharper rules” for tracking objects that enter U.S. airspace and determining potential actions to take against those objects after he allowed a Chinese spy balloon to fly over the U.S. a couple of weeks ago, before finally shooting it down off the coast of South Carolina.

Biden said that he wanted the new rules to be able to “distinguish between those that are likely to pose safety and security risks that necessitate action and those that do not.”

Biden claimed that if any object presented a threat to the safety and security of U.S. citizens that he would shoot it down.

“I expect to be speaking with President Xi and I hope we can get to the bottom of this,” Biden claimed. “But I make no apologies for taking down that balloon.”

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