Saturday 18 February 2023

Canadian Justice Sides with Trudeau and Rules War Act Can Be Used to Quash Anti-Government Protests – Seizing Bank Accounts, Imprisoning Peaceful Protest Leaders Approved

 And just like that – we lost Canada.

An “independent” public inquiry into the Trudeau government’s decision to invoke the never-before-used Emergencies Act to quash a trucker’s protest in 2022 was deemed acceptable use of government force.

Freedom Trucker Protest in Canada

Thousands of Canadians used their God-given right to redress the tyrannical Trudeau regime policies on forced experimental vaccines on Canadian workers back in 2022.

Trudeau and his regime later jailed the protest leaders, froze protester bank accounts, and outed individuals who donated to the protests against government tyranny.


Justice Paul Rouleau ruled it was acceptable for Trudeau to use government police to quash the protests and force the workers to take their vaccines.

Global News reported:

Justice Paul Rouleau, who released his 2,000-page final report on Friday, found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government met the “very high threshold” for invoking the Emergencies Act after failures by police and politicians to address the protests.

Invoking the Emergencies Act is a “drastic move, but it is not a dictatorial one” Rouleau wrote.

“When the decision was made to invoke the (Emergencies Act) on February 14, (2022) … there existed a national emergency arising from threats to the security of Canada. That necessitated the taking of special temporary measures,” Rouleau told reporters in Ottawa Friday.

Rouleau added that he didn’t reach the decision lightly and did so “with reluctance,” and that reasonable people could come to a different conclusion based on the 36-days of testimony and thousands of documents submitted to the commission.

Love Viva Frei…

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