Friday 24 February 2023

China Takes the Leadership Mantle from Joe Biden – Calls for Peace Talks in Ukraine as Joe Biden Sends in Blackhawk Helicopters


China took the leadership mantle from Joe Biden and the United States on Thursday.

China called for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.
The Chi-Coms are not ready for World War III like Joe Biden and US politicians.

What a humiliating time to be American. Who knew that in only two short years America would sink to such a new low?

First Biden surrendered to the Taliban and armed them with $80 billion in US weapons. This was while he stranded thousands of Americans and green card holders in the country.

Now, Joe Biden cedes the leadership role to China.
What a disgrace.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his handlers are determined to escalate War with Russia.
Biden is now sending US Blackhawk helicopters to Ukraine.

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