Sunday 19 February 2023

House Republicans Launch Investigation of Biden’s Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan


Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a pivotal moment in his presidency. His poll numbers went down immediately and have never really recovered.

The American people were horrified by how it was handled and then things got worse when innocent American soldiers were killed in a bombing at the airport.

Now Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are finally launching an investigation of the withdrawal.

Townhall reports: 

House Oversight Committee Launches Investigation of Biden’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

“The Biden Administration was tragically unprepared for the Afghanistan withdrawal and their decisions in the region directly resulted in a national security and humanitarian catastrophe,” Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said in a statement on Friday.

“U.S. servicemen and women lost their lives, Americans were abandoned, taxpayer dollars are unaccounted for, the Taliban gained access to military equipment, progress for Afghan women was derailed, and the entire area is now under hostile Taliban control,” Comer continued. “The American people deserve answers and the Biden Administration’s ongoing obstruction of this investigation is unacceptable.”

The Biden administration has previously withheld information from Republican members of the House Oversight Committee while Democrats controlled the lower chamber. But now that Republicans have their majority, the president and his administration won’t be able to avoid answering questions or turning over documents.

“With the power of the gavel, Oversight Republicans are determined to provide answers, transparency, and accountability,” Comer pledged of his committee’s newest investigation into the Biden administration. “Every relevant department and agency should be prepared to cooperate and provide all requested information. The American people expect nothing less,” Comer added.

This is the right thing to do.

The American people deserve to know why this was handled so badly.

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