Tuesday 7 February 2023

NYC Teachers Speak Out About Hypocrisy of Firing Teachers for Refusing the Mandate While Allowing Thousands of Unvaccinated Illegals into Schools


By September of 2022, the New York City Department of Education fired around 2,000 people who refused to comply with the vaccine mandate.

While New York teachers, and other city and state workers, were forced off the job, illegals pour into the United States without proof of any vaccines.

And city schools are forced to accept unvaccinated illegals into classrooms.

Fox News reports: 

Two New York City educators fired last year for refusing the COVID-19 shot called out the “unethical” double standard as migrants attend city schools without proof of required vaccinations.

Cassey McFadden, who served as a math teacher in Brooklyn for 25 years, came out of retirement during the pandemic to help the city’s teacher shortage but was fired for her vaccine stance. She told “Fox & Friends First” Monday that the entire city should be in “uproar” over the double standard.

“It’s illegal, it’s unethical and it’s insane,” McFadden said. “They’re actually risking the safety of all New Yorkers. You can’t have one policy for one group and another policy for another group.”

The recent flood of migrant families into New York City is forcing schools to accept unvaccinated children and has possibly led to an outbreak of chickenpox, the New York Post reported.

Joy Newball, another teacher fired for refusing to take the COVID vaccine, said she had to decide between her experience and her beliefs.

“I had to think about what would be the best choice that supported my beliefs, that supported my convictions, and it was to allow the state Department of Education to terminate me,” she said

“It was a choice between keeping my qualifications… or being pushed to choose that they were going to terminate me because I was not going to comply. I was never going to comply, so I had to choose to lose my career,” she added.


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